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Cristiano Ronaldo out-shining Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Copa Italia Semi Final

Cristiano Ronaldo has been once again the focal person last night. The 1st leg of the Copa Italia Semi Final was played last night between Juventus and A.C Milan. – two renowned football clubs of Italy. Check out the Coppa Italia standings here. The match was quite more fascinating just because of the two footballing icons – Zlatan Ibrahimovic & Cristiano Ronaldo.

Before the match, in an interview, Zlatan was asked “What do you think About Cristiano Ronaldo?” He replied, “I don’t know who he is. “  This fiery statement further added to the drama.

The match:

Cristiano Ronaldo started in the Central Forward position. In the starting minutes, Rebic started the proceedings with a cracking long distant shot at the goal. Luckily, Gianluigi Buffon was there to the rescue. There were many open chances for AC Milan in the first half but unfortunately they weren’t able to convert any of them. There was no goal scored in the first half. Later in the 61’ minute of the game Rebic scored a wonderful header and Buffon’s defence was broken.

Theo Hernandez was given red card in the 71’ minute of the game when he stepped onto Dybala – slightly late on the challenge. Now he would definitely miss the next match. In the dying minutes of the game, when things were looking in control for AC Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo happened. On a delightful cross, he attempted an overhead kick. There was definitely a hand ball conceded in the box.

Var confirms it and the penalty was given right at the end of the game. Cristiano Ronlado just thumps it past keeper to make it 1-1. Surely Juventus had the last laugh and the match ended in a draw.

In the post-match ceremony, Claudio Marchisio said, “Ronaldo has certainly raised the bar for the Juventus. I would have loved to play alongside him.” The 2nd leg of the semi-final is to be played on 5th of March, 2020.

Is Ronaldo going to add another trophy in his trophy cabinet? We will keep you posted.

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