why fc barcelona is struggling

Why FC Barcelona is struggling in top leagues this season?

FC Barcelona was seen at top in the previous seasons especially winning the La Liga 18-19, but is struggling lately in this season. It can be seen in its most recent clashes.

The problem:

Ernesto Valvarde, being manager of the club for 3 years, has brought many victories to the name of FC Barcelona but the team were seen lacking something….. something that distinguished FC Barcelona with other teams back in the days. I am talking about Tiki-Taka, which was invented by a legend Johan Cruyff when he was managing the club from 1988-1996.

Tiki-Taka is a style of play which involves constant short passing and quick movement of the players in order to maintain possession and the flow of play.

FC Barcelona were lacking this great technique under the management of Ernesto Valvarde. Remember that he has contributed a lot in Barcelona’s victories but still there was something which Barcelona were missing: more possession, constant movement of ball throughout the playing field and more aggressive style of play.

This loss against Atlético Madrid in the Supercopa de España Semi-final further fortified the idea of bringing a new coach for the team. FC Barcelona lost 2-3 by a late winner by Ángel Correa.

New manager:

Provided Ernesto’s performance in this season, FC Barcelona reached an agreement with Quique Setién. A 61-year old, proponent of possession based, attacking football throughout his career. Check out more details about him here.

The fans were excited and their expectations with the new coach were too high as they thought that the old playing style of FC Barcelona was coming back. Despite some wins under the management of Quique Setién, Barcelona lost to Valencia by 2 goals In La Liga. FC Barcelona was lacking strong presence of players on the field. Every player was all over the place. No such extraordinary improvement was seen in the performance of the club.

Also, Barcelona’s latest defeat in Copa Del Rey Quarter-final against Athletic Bilbao showed poor tactical strategies implemented by the new coach Quique Setién, which led to the disappointment of fans who were really excited to see the new coach in action. Does Quique Setién has something up his sleeve in order to make Barcelona the best team in the world? I guess we’ll find out.

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